Homosexuality in Russia

  • Homosexuality exists. It is possible for a man to like a man, and it is possible for a woman to like a woman. It is also possible for a man to like men and women, a woman to like men and women as well. It is possible for someone to not be attracted to anything at all! 
  • With that being said, GET THE HELL OVER IT!

    Why do we live in a world where old, primative mind sets are still prevalent? Aren’t we supposed to be the result of millions of years of evolution?

    Let me start over, before I get too ahead of myself.

    Today, on Facebook, I came across this article. It was about a bill that Putin (president of Russia) had passed to congress about making it illegal to discuss homosexuality with children. The concept is completely taboo; children aren’t allowed to know that the concept exists, that LGBT people exist, or that being attracted to your own gender is an option.

    (For that article, click here:http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/russia-poised-to-pass-bill-making-it-illegal-to-tell-children-gay-people-exist/politics/2013/06/11/68483#.UbjZuZzQ6FY)

    Just looking at the title made me completely enraged. However, as I kept scrolling, I also noticed a piece of information that was even more sickening; the bill was passed because of a unanimous vote amongst Russia’s congress that passed this bill. 434 people signed this paper, agreeing and supporting the stupidity of this bill.


    People need to stop. Just stop. Whether or not you agree with homosexuality is your own opinion, and I won’t try to change that. However, they are still people! They have the same genetic make-up. They eat, sleep, poop, drink, think, and love the same way we do. So for you to tell an entire population of people to tell their children that they do not exist is just… wrong! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when your opinion is affecting the wellbeing of people, then you need to reevaluate your policies and your mindset.

    People are people. No matter what they like or don’t like, they are people. For you to prohibit activity to a certain group of people because of religion, ethnicity, or sexual ortientation, you are inhumane and more primitive than you have let yourself believe.

    Stop trying to avoid the elephant in the room people. Homosexuality is a reality. Get over it.